Amazon HQ2

“They know how to reach us.” Rejected Amazon HQ2 suitors may give it another try Chicago, Miami, Newark and Dallas among those willing to restart talks following e-commerce giant’s New York breakup

Top to bottom: Chicago, Miami, Newark, Dallas, and Jeff Bezos recieving phone calls (Credit: Getty Images, Pixabay, and Wikipedia)

What about now?

They may have been rejected once, but they re not giving up. At least a handful of cities that had been in the running for Amazon s second headquarters said they would be willing to restart talks after the e-commerce giant s stunning news it had pulled out of plans for New York City.

Some of those cities that reached the Top 20 but missed out on the big prize — Chicago, Miami, Dallas and Austin among them — responded to the news with a glimmer of hope, while remaining realistic.

They know how to reach us and they know all that Dallas and our people have to offer, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said. The mayor said his city will “continue to keep the lin上海龙凤论坛sh1f 上海龙凤论坛es of communication open.” But the canceled plans for New York, he said, “should not be taken as a sign that anything imminent will be happening with Amazon in Dallas.

Amazon, which cited mounting political opposition as a reason to back out of developing a headquarters in Long Island City, said it has no plans to reopen the HQ2 search “at this time.” Instead, the Seattle-based company will move forward with its second headquarters in Northern Virginia, and an expansion in Nashville, Tennessee. “We will continue to hire and grow across our 17 corp上海千花网论坛 上海千花网orate offices and tech hubs in the U.S. and Canada,” Ama爱上海同城手机版 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛zon said on its company blog.

Across the Hudson River, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said he would welcome Amazon. New Jersey is open for business, and now more than ever, Newark is the clear choice as the next presence for Amazon corporate offices, he said in a statement. In its ultimately unsuccessful bid, Newark had been considering offering up to $1 billion in tax breaks to help lure Amazon.

In New York, the major issue was the $3 billion in state and city tax incentives Amazon was set to receive for setting up in Queens.

For Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, there was a lot of confidence and no ta上海千花网交友 上海千花网论坛lk of tax incentives.

The mayor said his county maintains it is the “ideal location” for HQ2 as the gateway to the Americas. The 27-acre Miami Worldcenter was the proposed second headquarters site for South Florida. “We have the talent, technology and low taxes that would serve Amazon’s needs, if they chose to reengage,” Gimenez said in a statement.

Meanwhile, in Texas, a spokesperson for the Austin Chamber of Commerce was all but resigned to the inevitable. No one from Amazon had called, but the chamber was “always open to working with companies that want to consider doing business and creating jobs for families in Central Texas.”

But in Chicago, hope was alive and well. Last week, after reading a report about the potential about-face, Illinois[……]

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Brooklyn Luxury Market

Brooklyn’s luxury market saw 1新上海贵族宝贝论坛 上海贵族宝贝交流区4 contracts above $2M signed last week: Stribli上海贵族宝贝交流区 上海贵族宝贝论坛ng Con上海千花网龙凤论坛 上海千花社区tracts were worth about $41M overa上海千花网交友 上海千花网论坛ll
We are having some technical difficulties. T上海贵族宝贝交流区 上海贵族宝贝论坛ry again later.

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” dead or unripe 6 ” why doesn’t PC have BETA? Official explanation is afraid of the solution that be defeated

When accepting professional player Kayane to interview, ” dead or unripe 6 ” the PC edition that producer Yohei Shimbori spoke of game. He is affirmatory ” dead or unripe 6 ” PC edition is optimized will compare ” dead or unripe 5 ” better. Should be asked about ” dead or unripe 6 ” when PC edition, yohei Shimbori reply says the group is made from what care PC edition at the beginning, it is better to because this is optimized,be met. In addition, yohei Shimbori still is alluded ” dead or unripe 5 ” the sales volume of PC edition is returned it seems that pretty good. “What sell on PC actually is quite good. The times appears to be being changed, had arrived fistfight game develops business people cannot ignore again (PC) when. ” final Yohei Shimbori still expresses ” dead or unripe 6 ” PC edition checks without BETA, because the player is OK,to BETA client upright file undertakes mining, break solution game likely thereby. “If BETA is rolled out on PC,the problem is, player may very visit these files easily, break solution code, accordingly we do not think so do. ” ” dead or unripe 6 ” will on March 1 put on sale, land PC, PS4 and Xbox One. [……]

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Explode suggestion of makings great mind: Microsoft or mine studio will be bought in Cong Shijia hand

Microsoft department game explodes Klobrille of the person that expect comes a few years with essence of life is forecasted definitely Xbox is famed the game that announces in E3, he pushs no less than write in self introduction especially: “Dedicated at Xbox game atelier ” . We still do not know this old man concerns with Microsoft after all how, but from push go up especially with Phil Spencer (Xbox old) interact often in light of, the relation affirms not simple. Two pieces of photographs that Klobrille publishs early or late today caused vermicelli made from bean starch people heat is discussed. Above all, because Microsoft began to buy studio wantonly last year, he is designed dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed gave picture of a piece of pattern plate to give authority. Back-to-back he himself ” did set an example ” : “I will remove build, is seeing this very cruel? ” the on the right side of atelier in the graph is Relic (mine company) atelier, subject Yu Shijia, developing for Microsoft at present ” Caesarean times 4 ” . And the work that this atelier once had developed has ” the hero connects ” series, ” battle hammer 40k: The war is matutinal ” wait. Wait according to this explode the style of makings great mind, this is led probably is not shoot at random. Microsoft may is in really the problem with respect to mine atelier and world fine do business, had been bought likely even stealthily. Union he is pushed when update newly special (the Xbox old Phil Spencer of indication squirrel figure is drawing out money) , the solid financial resources that Xbox depends on Microsoft is developing new business relation again apparently. Eye preexistence fine, the official website of mine company and social family status do not have any specifications to go up alter, this is a fun of Klobrille or occurrent fact only after all, still remain to observe. [……]

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Horrible game ” white day nightmare 1998 ” premonitory PC edition this year summertime put on sale

Development business Invader announced recently, game of horror of the 3rd person ” white day nightmare 1998 ” PC edition will Spring 2019 put on sale, roll out PS4 and Xbox One edition subsequently. The government still was announced ” white day nightmare 1998 ” new premonitory and check scheme, should make use visional 4 engine are made, the group that make is right of smooth shadow apply very proper, build for the player gave horrible atmosphere. Game is premonitory:
” white day nightmare 1998 ” setting set is in 90 time, the player that likes 90 time movie may feel excited to this, the player comes to the perspective that carries different part experience another familiar and new old practice. Whole game atmosphere often gives a person the sense of Song of a kind of iciness, Jing. The player needs to search a citizen to become the fact of bloodsucking an eccentric person in such environment. Make gross meeting newly appear a variety of 20 different enemy roles, their attack means and part animation have a characteristic each, and these enemies tangle very hard, the player needs to use particular politic talent to defy successfully their assault. Game characteristic: Much part perspective: In game, the player comes to the many point of view that adopt many parts to understand gut content gradually and discover the truth finally; Hair-raising enemy: The enemy’s animation and attack means often can give a person a kind of sense that shudder; Very true HUD shows: The player will understand his life and health through specific facility; Environmental riddle element: The player needs to observe the environment all round carefully, seeking clue ceaselessly in gradually unlock enigma; High-definition picture and outstanding visual effect: Although the story happens in 90 time, but have visional the support of 4 engine, the picture of game also no longer ” old ” ; The grumous breath of 90 time: The player can see the article of sexes of a lot of 90 time mark in game, and all thing combination can let a player be experienced together in those days atmosphere ceases compatibly. ” white day nightmare 1998 ” will Spring 2019 put on sale, land PC, PS4 and Xbox One platform. Game cut pursues: [……]

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For generations of cost of Ren Tiantang Switch sells the game machine with the rapiddest rate

Come for years, year end is Ren Tiantang stand for war, not exceptional also this year. The statistical data that according to Ren Tiantang the government publishs shows, had appeared on the market the Switch sport plane of 21 months becomes plane of this sport of for generations family expenses to sell the fastest product, just will roll out in December additionally before long Switch game ” big melee of Ren Tiantang star is special edition ” also break each record. The data that respect of Ren Tiantang United States gives out shows, switch is in American area since appearing on the market in March 2017 in all work off 8.7 million, this one word surpassed PS4 and record of XboxOne the corresponding period. Analyse the data that orgnaization NPD will give out in November according to professional market, play a way distinctly by right of Switch, ren Tiantang also became the game with American highest 2018 sales volume to issue trade. Because in December of put on sale ” big melee of Ren Tiantang star is special edition ” do not have statistic inside, so this record still will expand further. Hold the post of heaven basis ” big melee of Ren Tiantang star is special edition ” the sale that appears on the market 11 days gives out statistic says, this game has broken through 3 million in American sales volume, broke Switch game record of big melee series also was broken while the sale is recorded. The other data that Ren Tiantang gives out still includes:
” Saierda is fabulous: The breath of moor ” broken 4 million, ” Maliao cycle racing 8 luxurious edition ” broken 5 million, ” super Maliao: Odyssey ” broken 4.7 million;

Island of predecessor president gentleman amounts to Ren Tiantang to ever already expressed publicly to be in 2018 money inside year (to April 2019) sell a 20 million stage Switch, do not know this one cause whether final implementation? [……]

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” dead or unripe: Beach volleyball 3 ” Sui Xiangxuan passes a full screen to shake in breast

Gent people be about to can experience to glory the banner falls to make newly ” dead or unripe: Beach volleyball 3(Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3) ” , think of all sorts of breast shake all sorts of airy country ladies and gentlemen are already climax.

Spic is sweet (interpret Sui Naiguo) the game that is TECMO place creation ” dead or unripe ” reach what its derive work to come on stage part. Debut at ” dead or unripe 5: Last battle ” , it is the girl of a natural and graceful, like fistfight ability very much, the Sui Naiguo that its fistfight genre names for oneself flows, assembled what to a variety of fistfight genre use for oneself and be achieved oneself.

” dead or unripe: Beach volleyball 3 ” will mix at Japan on March 24, 2016 Asian area put on sale. Game will land PS4 and PS Vita platform.


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Into clutching ” dark soul 3 ” PS4 and privilege of Xbox One edition 10 knives

” dark soul 3 ” PS4 and Xbox One edition already open discount. This dark fetch series add makes discount strength for 17% . If you are interested in this game, the soul that can watch the night below 3 discounts information, with the discount content of etc game, the link is as follows:


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Jing of a list of names posted up of Gao Sanguang flourish shows magical ana ad let honest too bright look

Still have the time that is less than a month, new Gao Sanxue child be about to move toward the battlefield of the university entrance exam. And when achievement of the university entrance exam comes out, a lot of schools meet the student with paste outstanding achievement photograph, ana, to the student establishs model later, in order to show halo.

Of course, every time tall 3 Tie Guangrong a list of names posted up can see magical ana, the netizen shared a group, can compares Duan Zi hand, see ad let laugh at gush on the spot.

A 3 it is a god, light the fire of a maths. Maths is fire, illume physical lamp. Physics is the lamp, enlighten chemical road. Chemistry is a road, lead to biologic hole. Biology is hole, buried science department to be born.


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ESA statistic: Amount of player of 50 years old of above of American already exceeded 40 million people

 A few days ago ESA (association of American entertainment software) with AARP (association of completely beautiful emeritus personage) published the report about 50 years old of above to play player findings report ” Video Games: Attitudes And Habits Of Adults Age 50-Plus ” , this report points out population of player of 50 years old of above already amounted to 41 million person. ESA expresses, every 3 people have the person of 50 years old of above of this delegate United States report of fixed amuse oneself employs 1 person, having 3/4 among them is every chapel can play game, and the amount of woman player wants than the male much. Appear give an absorbing result that move .

In be being investigated this, accept ESA and AARP precatory GfK (firm of research of global tip market) use ” GfK KnowledgePanel ” (nimble inspire confidence in sb triumphant basic probability) statistic came on March 9, 2016 the personage of 50 years old of above March 17 in all 2964 people (report plays population report of 1510 name, blame plays population 1454) it is online investigation, present a the following findings:

One, player of 50 years old of above of American has reached 41 million person, having 75% among them is every chapel can play game, the person that has 40% is to play game everyday.

3, there is majority in player of 50 years old of above is for life fun and amuse oneself, very big partially the reason also is to stem from it is OK to play report maintain intelligence, prevent decline.

4, in player of 50 years old of above, having 59% is the report that use a pen or game of PC amuse oneself; The person that also has 57% additionally can play game with intelligence mobile phone.

5, in the game type of amuse oneself, game of many player tendency tradition, card or playing card kind game has person energy of life most, occupy collectivity 46% , catching ability is 44% what spell graph or logistic game.

10, in the player of 50 years old of above, the person that has 22% ever bought TV game in past half an year relevant product. And there is 77 % again between this is for oneself buy, the person that has 52% at the same time is for others and buy.


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