[Brown silk is contained in containing leucorrhoea of Brown _ in vain] –

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Because,leucorrhoea has Brown possibility is periodShanghai Long Feng forum

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platoon blood, leucorrhoea contains hematic silk to be able to become Brown, still be the reason of disease of existence department of gynaecology likely, palace antrum is phlogistic and the disease such as uterine debaucjed can bring about leucorrhoea become Brown, so proposal female friend should want to judge leucorrhoea according to timeA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The reason that becomes yellow. Let us because what have,understand the hair cause of disease with a bit Brown leucorrhoea together now.

 Leucorrhoea has a bit Brown

1. oviposit period bleed

Oviposit period leucorrhoea is Brown a kind of expression that is oviposit period haemorrhage, the female of this kind of phenomenon need not worry, 3 days two can disappear. And leucorrhoea exhaust color is visible still at menstrual around oneForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Two days, come for menstruation the expression with the omen before tide and not complete and clean menstruation.

But also should notice disease of other department of gynaecology is caused, if oviposit period has bled to grow, restoring Lv of take an examination is palace neck debaucjed, uterine polyp, the relation of the palace neck disease such as palace neck cancer.

2. infection

The female if carelessly period is wholesome, the wholesome things of use pollution cause pathogen infection extremely easily, bring about the happening with female Brown leucorrhoea. Common infection has trichomonad sex infection, mould infection, bacterium infection, fungus infection to wait. And the happening that a lot of infection can cause female inflammation, be like vulvitis and vaginitis, vaginitis disease brings about leucorrhoea commonly namely Brown element. Treat the inflammation that all sorts of bacterium body elements cause, should notice husband and wife is treated together, prevent alternate infection.

 Leucorrhoea has a bit Brown

Disease of 3. palace neck

The commonnest in palace neck disease is chronic palace neck phlogistic, be like palace neck debaucjed, palace neck polyp. Palace neck disease is all sorts of pathological change that area of neck pointing to palace produces, include inflammation, injury, tumour and pathological change. The cracks injury or sex hormone change of childbirth or sexual behavior can cause cervix inflammation, cause cervix erosion possibly and make leucorrhoea Brown grow in quantity. Palace neck debaucjed is a female most common palace neck is phlogistic, also be to bring about the main factor with Brown leucorrhoea.

And palace neck canceration also is to cause the cause with Brown leucorrhoea, but leucorrhoea is Brown and differ choose a site for the capital is cancer, occurrence leucorrhoea is accordingly Brown must take department of gynaecology seriously to check, as soon as possible finds out a reason, to disease cure.

 Leucorrhoea has a bit Brown

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Take unusual case, do not want vagina of only pure consideration kind disease, because besides vaginitis, other is like cervix eyewinker of cancer of gland of body of tumour of flesh of phlogistic, cervix cancer, uterus, uterus, vagina1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, can create the appearance with Brown leucorrhoea. In clinical go up to look from medical angle, constant with cervix vaginitis of vaginitis of sex of phlogistic, trichomonad, mould sex vaginitis, senile sex is most common.

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