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Also each person should pay close attention to anal healthy stateLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
An area, because anus regards human body as the significant position of defecate, if anus appears the word of the problem, can cause serious harm to the eduction of human body defecate. Among them anus also is the area that the bacterium collects in great quantities, because these each person should pay attention to anal sanitation,clear. All round anus although the phenomenon of desquamate looks not quite serious, can be long-term those who cause the problem such as anus also is meet to appear if be not being cured. At that time the patient understands anus with respect to need all round of desquamate cause an element.

All round anus desquamate

Anal eczema is ailment but lingering heals hard, can eliminate anal disease to wait like haemorrhoid, anal fistula first, enteritis also wants to cause, if eliminateLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
, external use medical effect not beautiful, can Chinese traditional medicine of profess to convinced the damp and hot inside eduction body. Spend eczema gently to need not be used too nervous, spend block of feasible and hypodermic nerve to break art again, but should treat in normal hospital.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the excessive of wind evil, Shi Xie, hot evil, deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, bug main reason to cause disease, with Shu Fengqu the wet, clear hot detoxify, moisten the respiratory tract that raise blood, invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu to be a principle, stopping with achieving exorcise to help up urticant cured effect.

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All round anus desquamate

Knot of wind hot gloomy

Sao is urticant all round anus bear hard, glowing object bilge, if fire burns bug hoarse, even the skin catchs broken haemorrhage, be perturbed sleeps hard, the mouth suffers from pharynx to work, costive urinate bare, spirit is fretted and irritable. Red bare of glossal edge needle, number of bowstring of arteries and veins or small number.

Administer a law: Fire of Shu Fengqing heat, aperient have diarrhoea, with rough gentian have diarrhoeaFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
Liver Tonga decreases cure.

Square medicine: Snake of tip of Sang Xie, bitter ginseng, black, pieplant, lustre have diarrhoea, Huang Qin, go up grass of tuckahoe, gardenia, virgin soil, angelica, rough gentian, Huang Bai, the rhizome of Chinese atractylods, jingjie, the root of fangfeng, licorice.

Rheumatism clip heat

This model anal Sao itchs patient anguish can’ts bear, have oozy sex mucus, the activity grinds aching more very, anus feels oneself straining is unwell, body tiredNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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The body is heavy, nocturnal sleep is installed hard. The tongue is qualitative red, liver mosses Huang Hou, bowstring of arteries and veins slips. This model place gloomy of damp and hot to be become at anal skin by wind evil more.

Administer a law: Heat of scanty wind Qing Dynasty, be good at lienal dehumidify is alexipharmic.

Square medicine: Earthy tuckahoe, the rhizome of Chinese atractylods, Huang Bai, give birth to Yi benevolence, mother chrysanthemum, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
Virgin soil, angelica, the root of fangfeng, burdock child, cicada garment, bitter ginseng, jingjie, til benevolence, unripe licorice.

All round anus desquamate

Unripe wind of deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it

This model expression surprises for anus periderm skin urticant, skin is dry, lose burnish and flexibility, knit be like,crack cobweb, scrotum of even drag in reachs labium, companion has a bitter tongue dry, nocturnal sleep is installed hard, the tongue is qualitative red, fine number of arteries and veins. This model give birth to efflorescent dry by deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it more, periderm skin breaks anus to raise and be become.

Administer a law: Raise hematic relieve dizziness, moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, just use angelica water child add decrease cure.

Square medicine:

The article had detailed introduction for everybody from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine’s angle, anus week Sao also understood to itch after believing everybody looked have what kind, everybody also can answer relatively go seeing oneself belong to which sort model, undertake to us treatment also has very good help so, sao of desquamate of occurrence anus week itchs need takes the sanitation of anus week position seriously, want to undertake cleaning with warm boiled water in the evening everyday.

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