[dozen 100 defeat in vain have a fever 39 normal] – of reason of _ calorific _

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White 100 defeating is vaccination, will have injection to a lot of dot, 24 hours after inject in, of the patient local may appear red and scratchy, but after individual person is injecting, those who return meeting occurrence lymph node is intumescent, can appear even the phenomenon of rash, plus some people it is inherent and sensitive or dialogue 100 broken may have very large reaction, can have high fever so 39 degrees symptom.

 Dozen 100 defeat in vain have a fever 39 normal

Vaccinal reaction

The common response with 100 white broken vaccinal vaccine, basically come from the bacterium body part that whooping cough place contains. Hour of vaccinal not adsorptive and vaccinal 12-24, local can have red, aching, scratchy, side of the inject after individual person injects is alar lymph node enlargement; Have an inoculation contains the vaccine of sorbent, inject is local can form scleroma or asepsis sex abscess. See rash and oedema of hemal nerve sex occasionally. Systemic reaction basically is occurrence low-grade fever, especially vaccinal not adsorptive vaccine is more common, but after have an inoculation 48 hours recoverable normal. Giving out heat while still can accompany listless, be addicted to sleeps, irritating wait for brief symptom.

The unusual reaction after 100 white broken vaccine are vaccinal, basically also concern with the whooping cough composition in vaccine. Extremely individual likelihood produces allergic reaction, or convulsions, convulsive, shrill voice cries for wait for neurological complication. But, the occurence rate of this kind of unusual reaction is extremely low, do not affect policy of immune have an inoculation carry out.

Additional, the note before all vaccine is vaccinal is as follows

 Dozen 100 defeat in vain have a fever 39 normal

Before have an inoculation

Diphtheria is not hit when ∵ is calorific, whooping cough, tetanus is triplex vaccinal

Sugar of poliomyelitis of profess to convinced does not want when ∵ diarrhoea bolus

Should not be when ∵ is hollow and hungry dozen of precaution needle, lest prosperous hypoglycemia react badly

The work of good darling is done before ∵ gives or take an injection, let brave darling be hit first, fear with eliminating the insecurity of recreant darling psychology

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Shanghai noble baby

After receiving a bell

∵ local reaction

24 hours or so are in commonly after vaccinate appear, vaccinal place can appear red, swollen, heat is painful wait for a phenomenon. Response is more serious can cause the lymph node around, lymphatic agnail. The callous limits with inject intumescent place is divided again for light, in, heavy. Light diameter is less than 2. 5 CM, medium in 2. 5 – 5 CM. More than 5 CM is serious report, react at this moment can count a hour continuously. If local and red heavier, can hot compress (after BCG vaccine is vaccinal red and forbidden hot compress) . Morning and evening each, every time 5 minutes or so. Want to change underwear frequently, avoid to defeat the infection after;burst;ulcerate;festering, can besmear like local infection gentian violet.

∵ whole body reacts

Behave above all to have a fever. Spend gently for 37 – 37. 5 degrees, spend in for 37. 6 – 38. 5 degrees, 39 degrees of above are attached most importance to degree calorific. Besides, partial darling can be accompanied have have a headache, giddy, the whole body is faint, cold quiver, disgusting, vomit. Bellyacke, diarrhoea, above reactionForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Be in 24 hours more commonly in subsidise, last 3 days rarely above, if be spent again,have a fever can take antipyretic, after it is normal that average temperature restores, other symptom also with respect to subsidise, if high fever is not retreated or have other and unusual, answer to see a doctor in time to the hospital.

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Love Shanghai is the same as a city
 Dozen 100 defeat in vain have a fever 39 normal

∵ resides the home to nurse

Want to rest well, do not run jump over more

Protection gives or take an injection the cleanness of place, should not catch with the hand

Do not eatLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
Stimulating food.

Drink boiled water more

The reaction after the parent observes darling have an inoculation at any time

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Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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3 days of two a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces after giving or take an injection avoid violent campaign, the cleanness that notes inject position is wholesome, do not bathe temporarily, in case local affect

Hit precautionary needle to react even if have a fever the most commonly. Having a fever is the process of airframe generation antibody, generation antibody is OK immunity. General vaccination has a fever, temperature won’t be very high, duration also very won’t long, have a fever 3 days two at most, with respect to allay a fever of meeting proper motion. When having a fever, the parent feeds plain boiled water to the child more, cold compress forehead, neck two side, physics drops in temperature 20 minutes.

If high fever is not retreated, want to consider the child to be while inject is vaccinal, produce the symptom that the upper respiratory tract affects again. Need looks after children see a doctor, examined doctor should tell when seeing a doctor, the child ever vaccination, have clew effect with medicine to the doctor so.

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