[the earthy method that treats amblyopia] how does _ do – of _ effective method

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The patient of several is to did not receive seasonable treatment, must be on guard strictly to amblyopia so, after avoidingLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Period meeting brings about eye ache, see the needless problem with thing faintness dry eye, remedial amblyopia can choose a few small folk prescription, but these small folk prescription can not assure is effective to everybody, can understand simply.

Treat the earthy method of amblyopia

What does the folk prescription that treats amblyopia have

Magic art of the first eye, cover, this law makes blind fold include Gai Jian key point with three-layer black cloth, restrain advantage eye to force amblyopia eye to take exercise, according to patient age and eyesight, look attentively at property to decide cover time length. The age is smaller, cover time is shorter, during treating myopia, want to be checked regularly by the doctor. Also can replace cover with atropine drop agent. Atropine can make eyesight of far and near drops temporarily, it is the cover magic art that covert.

Treat the earthy method of amblyopia

The 2nd, after image therapeutics, it is Jiao Zhipang the heart is looked attentively at, the method of promotional eyesight, use sunken area of center of protective eye ground, with take 3o, A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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5o, the after image lens of 7o circle macula, area of yellow spot of 6v15w strong illumination, make its produce after image, check by the heart is looked attentively at, the function is looked in the center of excitement, look attentively at right now inspect mark (the E word) that cross or eyesight watch can see, a day 2, every time thresh 2~3 second.

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The 3rd, gules filter smooth law, area of eye ground yellow spot contains awl cell only, awl cell is sensitive to glow, force a center sunken look attentively at, restrain by central area, at present home has appearance of many this kind of cure, filter wavelengh is 620~700nm, unripe minute twinkle 60~80 second advisable.

Treat the earthy method of amblyopia

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, zinc of right amount and compensatory microelement, copper, because its and metabolization of retinal, optic nerve are concerned, useful also Zun Xuan is much cling to improvement of force of backsight of profess to convinced, beard attention uses a method. In addition still the vision spurs instrument, light brushs the medicable myopic amblyopia such as remedial appearance, but amblyopia has different level diopter, reason wants correctional Qu Guang above all frame-up, wearing measurable glasses is very important. If return companion to have strabismus, still answer to treat bosseyed correct, correct treats a method to have Dai Jing, operation.

After knowing these knowledge integratedly, everybody knew the remedial method of amblyopia disease what to have, the harm that amblyopia brings is exceedingly serious, the side of eye ministry development that because this lets the child,also meets got affect, because this everybody ought to understand the relevant knowledge of amblyopia correctly, need knows the remedial way of this disease clearly.

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