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Because of,the National People’s Congress that suffers from hernia is more the body1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Resistance is poorer, and the child goes up because of sufferring from development is immature and more easily hernia this kind of diseaseShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Ill, but is hernia infected? This kind of disease can be not infected, because this is the disease that ability of a kind of oneself is differred and causes, need seasonable treatment. The person some symptom that worries hernia is more apparent, some is impassible however, this need chooses to whether make operation treatment through the doctor’s diagnosis.

Is hernia infected

Before understanding inguinal colic to whether be infected, we answerShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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This hair interpretation of the cause that clears up inguinal colic first is made. If the viscera near groin encountered inguinal area to be short of caustic, fragile, abdomen to press heighten by chance, its position runs easily to another department position through be short of caustic to be in, cause inguinal colic thereby.

And what is contagion? It is one kind can cause support of the people through pathogen between the person, the disease that spreads each other between person and animal, bacterium, virus, helminth can be called pathogen. Healthy person is in the excrement and urine that contacted contagion patient, cut, humoral, or edible the food that is polluted by pathogen, inspiratory the air that contains pathogen, can cause the show effect that catchs a disease.

See inguinal colic, any contagion that what do not have contagion element, it is not contagion to need not fear inguinal colic can catch this one problem at all so.

Is hernia infected

Inguinal colic is OK self-healing

Inguinal colic is not a kind of rare disease, but the person that knows abdominal colic is very few however. A lot of people after inguinal colic appears can feel puzzled, how inguinal place appeared suddenly indescribably swollen place? Actually this kind of state that appears suddenly is inguinal herniaLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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An angry symptom. So inguinal colic can Where is self-healing?

Old people and infant are the most incidental inguinal colic, inguinal colic especially new student frequently-occurring disease. A year old of the following child, if appear,inguinal colic is met likely self-healing, this kind of circumstance is inguinal colic commonly slighter. When the parent is nursing, need avoids the child to cry as far as possible be troubled by, avoid to let abdominal catch cold catch cold of the child, should notice child food prevents to produce constipation more. Although the cheeper of a year old of less than is inguinal hernia is possible self-healing, but, the probability of self-healing is not high, if the baby appeared the symptom of inguinal colic, appear to avoid other and serious accident, proposal parent, reachFall in love with the sea

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Look after children when to hospital go to a doctor.

Is hernia infected

Adult produces inguinal colic won’t fromForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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More, once appear,the symptom of hernia must be driven toward the hospital to have treatment as soon as possible, otherwise inguinal colic also can bring serious menace to the health of adult.

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