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Meeting generation stone is in the body, it is calculous only long position is different, measurement is different, do not have what symptom when just beginning actually, as the accentuation of the illness, ability can feel ache affects the factor that stone formsForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Include a lot of, for instance the change of the age, the element such as phyletic change and genetic environment, among them dietary habit also isForum of Shanghai night net

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reason, will have a look to whether matter about stone and water quality, also had done ahead of schedule be on guard the job.

 Are stone and water quality concerned

Above all what does the part that we want to know stone have.

Will tell to urology, calculous composition basically is acid of oxalic acid calcic stone, phosphate stone, make water acerbity stone of ammonia of saline stone, Guang, mix model calculous.

The element that influence stone forms has a lot of, habit of element of the age, sexual distinction, phyletic, genetic, environment, food and profession are right the impact of explanatory formation is very big, and watering also is among them a very main factor. Water of the quantity how many and how is water quality having very close relationship with calculous formation.

Increase liquid intake to be able to increase uric amount, reduce the supersaturation position of composition of uric road stone thereby, the formation that prevents stone perhaps has a relapse. Recommend everyday liquid intake is in 2.5-3.0L above, make everyday uric quantity maintains in 2.0-2.5L above. Patient of disease of stone of proposal make water measures uric proportion by oneself in the home, make uric proportion under 1.01 advisable, maintain reliable uric fluid acid-base value in order to achieve.

About the sort that water, it is advisable to think with oxalic acid content is not milk products liquid less commonly. Whether can drinkable hard water increase the formation of the stone that contain calcium, still put in different view at present. ShouldLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Had avoided juice of much more drinkable caffein, black tea, grape, cider, with Coke Cola. Recommend water of Meng of He Ning of juice of the much juice that drink orange, acerbity fruit tendril.

Of course, calculous formation still has the following influencing factor:

 Are stone and water quality concerned

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() metabolization is unusual

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1, uric fluid acid-base value 2, disease of tall calcic blood 3, disease of high calcic make water 4, disease of make water of tall oxalic acid 5, disease of acerbity make water of high make water 6, disease of Guang ammonia acerbity make water 7, disease of low citron acerbity make water 8, disease of low magnesian make water;

(2) local pathogeny

Eyewinker of the existence in uric road block, infection and uric road is the main and local element that causes stone to form, obstruction can bring about infection and stone to form, and calculous itself also is the eyewinker in uric road, the degree of latter can aggravating block and infection. Clinical the obstruction sex disease that goes up to cause uric road stone easily to form includes mechanical sex block and dynamical sex block two kinds big.

 Are stone and water quality concerned

(3) related medicaments element

The kidney stone that medicaments causes occupies all calculous 1%-2% , cent is two kinds big: For the chroma in uric fluid Gao Errong solves degree of lower medicaments one kind, include Ding of ammoniac benzene Die, siliceous magnesium and sulphur amine medicaments to wait, these medicaments itself are calculous composition. Another kind is the medicaments that can cause stone to form, include C of D of acetazolamide, vitamin, vitamin and coriaceous hormone, these medicaments brought about the formation of other part stone in the process of metabolization.

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