Explode suggestion of makings great mind: Microsoft or mine studio will be bought in Cong Shijia hand

Microsoft department game explodes Klobrille of the person that expect comes a few years with essence of life is forecasted definitely Xbox is famed the game that announces in E3, he pushs no less than write in self introduction especially: “Dedicated at Xbox game atelier ” . We still do not know this old man concerns with Microsoft after all how, but from push go up especially with Phil Spencer (Xbox old) interact often in light of, the relation affirms not simple. Two pieces of photographs that Klobrille publishs early or late today caused vermicelli made from bean starch people heat is discussed. Above all, because Microsoft began to buy studio wantonly last year, he is designed dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed gave picture of a piece of pattern plate to give authority. Back-to-back he himself ” did set an example ” : “I will remove build, is seeing this very cruel? ” the on the right side of atelier in the graph is Relic (mine company) atelier, subject Yu Shijia, developing for Microsoft at present ” Caesarean times 4 ” . And the work that this atelier once had developed has ” the hero connects ” series, ” battle hammer 40k: The war is matutinal ” wait. Wait according to this explode the style of makings great mind, this is led probably is not shoot at random. Microsoft may is in really the problem with respect to mine atelier and world fine do business, had been bought likely even stealthily. Union he is pushed when update newly special (the Xbox old Phil Spencer of indication squirrel figure is drawing out money) , the solid financial resources that Xbox depends on Microsoft is developing new business relation again apparently. Eye preexistence fine, the official website of mine company and social family status do not have any specifications to go up alter, this is a fun of Klobrille or occurrent fact only after all, still remain to observe.

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