Horrible game ” white day nightmare 1998 ” premonitory PC edition this year summertime put on sale

Development business Invader announced recently, game of horror of the 3rd person ” white day nightmare 1998 ” PC edition will Spring 2019 put on sale, roll out PS4 and Xbox One edition subsequently. The government still was announced ” white day nightmare 1998 ” new premonitory and check scheme, should make use visional 4 engine are made, the group that make is right of smooth shadow apply very proper, build for the player gave horrible atmosphere. Game is premonitory:
” white day nightmare 1998 ” setting set is in 90 time, the player that likes 90 time movie may feel excited to this, the player comes to the perspective that carries different part experience another familiar and new old practice. Whole game atmosphere often gives a person the sense of Song of a kind of iciness, Jing. The player needs to search a citizen to become the fact of bloodsucking an eccentric person in such environment. Make gross meeting newly appear a variety of 20 different enemy roles, their attack means and part animation have a characteristic each, and these enemies tangle very hard, the player needs to use particular politic talent to defy successfully their assault. Game characteristic: Much part perspective: In game, the player comes to the many point of view that adopt many parts to understand gut content gradually and discover the truth finally; Hair-raising enemy: The enemy’s animation and attack means often can give a person a kind of sense that shudder; Very true HUD shows: The player will understand his life and health through specific facility; Environmental riddle element: The player needs to observe the environment all round carefully, seeking clue ceaselessly in gradually unlock enigma; High-definition picture and outstanding visual effect: Although the story happens in 90 time, but have visional the support of 4 engine, the picture of game also no longer ” old ” ; The grumous breath of 90 time: The player can see the article of sexes of a lot of 90 time mark in game, and all thing combination can let a player be experienced together in those days atmosphere ceases compatibly. ” white day nightmare 1998 ” will Spring 2019 put on sale, land PC, PS4 and Xbox One platform. Game cut pursues:

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