” dead or unripe: Beach volleyball 3 ” Sui Xiangxuan passes a full screen to shake in breast

Gent people be about to can experience to glory the banner falls to make newly ” dead or unripe: Beach volleyball 3(Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3) ” , think of all sorts of breast shake all sorts of airy country ladies and gentlemen are already climax.

Spic is sweet (interpret Sui Naiguo) the game that is TECMO place creation ” dead or unripe ” reach what its derive work to come on stage part. Debut at ” dead or unripe 5: Last battle ” , it is the girl of a natural and graceful, like fistfight ability very much, the Sui Naiguo that its fistfight genre names for oneself flows, assembled what to a variety of fistfight genre use for oneself and be achieved oneself.

” dead or unripe: Beach volleyball 3 ” will mix at Japan on March 24, 2016 Asian area put on sale. Game will land PS4 and PS Vita platform.

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