Jing of a list of names posted up of Gao Sanguang flourish shows magical ana ad let honest too bright look

Still have the time that is less than a month, new Gao Sanxue child be about to move toward the battlefield of the university entrance exam. And when achievement of the university entrance exam comes out, a lot of schools meet the student with paste outstanding achievement photograph, ana, to the student establishs model later, in order to show halo.

Of course, every time tall 3 Tie Guangrong a list of names posted up can see magical ana, the netizen shared a group, can compares Duan Zi hand, see ad let laugh at gush on the spot.

A 3 it is a god, light the fire of a maths. Maths is fire, illume physical lamp. Physics is the lamp, enlighten chemical road. Chemistry is a road, lead to biologic hole. Biology is hole, buried science department to be born.

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