Natant world double insurance of Ren Qian of Si Yajie of 10 meters of stages throws woman of bright and beautiful contest coronal old horse seizes historical head gold

Swam 2017 contest of world bri上海千花网龙凤论坛

ght and beautiful continues to undertake in Budapest, diving woman single person final of 10 meters of stages, siyajie of two Chinese players and Ren Qian, obtain runner-up and Ji Jun with 391.95 minutes with 396 minutes. The Zhang Junhong of Malaysia is developed in finals outstanding, win championship with 397.5 minutes, this also is the gold of contest of first world bright and beautiful on Malaysia history.

Female sheet 10 meters of stages新上海贵族宝贝论坛

, chinese team is carried by Liyaoao coronal runner-up Ren Qian and Siyajie give fight, finals is shared 5 rounds. The first jump, the movement of two Chinese players is 107B(forward tuck diveseethe bends body) 3 weeks partly, quality of Ren Qian movement is very high, spray control reachs the designated position, obtain 78 minutes of paratactic ranks the first. Behavioral quality of Si Yajie shows inadequacy a bit, the effect that enter water is general, obtain 73.5 minutes of ranks the 6th.

The 2nd jump 407C(of choice of two average per capita turns over Teng Sanzhou to hold genu) in the arms partly upcountry, ren Qian’s movement achieves the land very reach the designated position, enter hydraulic very beautiful, get 91.2 minutes con上海贵族宝贝论坛

tinue with 169.2 minutes a row the first. Si Yajie this jumps finish also perfectly, it i阿爱上海同城

s spray appears only in a way is a little old, also take below 81.6 minutes nevertheless, come with rising 159.6 minutes the 3rd.

The 3rd jump Ren Qian c上海千花网

hooses difficulty coefficient the 207C(of 3.3 writhes backward) of 3 Zhou Banbao genu, appear like semifinals error, body of the predecessor that enter water is opened insufficient, leg ministry is hit on water almost, take only drop to the 2nd with 233.55 minutes. Si Yajie’s movement is difficulty coefficient the 6243D(handstand of 3.2 writhes backward a week of form of two have enough to meet need half) , the movement in sky does not have a problem, good without control into water spray is a bit big, this jumps take, total cent is discharged 231.9 minutes in the 3rd. The Zhang Junhong of Malaysia is taken by right of 407C, come with rising 234.9 minutes the first place.

The 4th jump Ren Qian’s movement is 6243D(handstand writhes backward a week of form of two have enough to meet need half) , she is made in time adjust, the movement in sky and spray result are right, obtain 76.8 minutes, total cent still is discharged 315.15 minutes in the 2nd. The 207C(that Si Yajie’s movement is Ren Qian on one round writhes backward 3 weeks of half) that hold genu in the arms, the ground that finish is taken very smoothly, rank with 314.4 minutes the 3rd. Zhang Junhong difficulty coefficient the 305C of 2.8 (the tuck diveseethe that turn over a body holds genu in the arms two weeks partly) finish quite beautifully, take total cent 317.5 minutes to continue to get run.

Last jump the movement of two people al上海同城对对碰交友社区

l is 5253B(writhes backward a week of two weeks of half turn bends body) partly, ren Qian spray gets 76.8 minutes without suppress, si Yajie is controlled into water likewise goodish obtain 81.6 minutes. Zhang Junhong’s same 5253B obtains 80 minutes, total cent gains the championship 397.5 minutes. Si Yajie and Ren Qian, obtain runner-up and Ji Jun with 391.95 minutes with 396 minutes respectively.

Responsibility edits: Huang Jingwei

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