Ding Junhui is newest match message: The Great Master surpassed Ding Junhui to promote 2019 second annulus

After master game was moved to Alexander palace to undertake 2012 oneself, if Ding Junhui is enveloped by demon cuss general, 7 matches had won a pitiful contest only 阿爱上海同城

actually in the past. The Great Master was surpassed 2019, fortune of Ding Junhui autograph is good take the agile husband that plays master game first this base, final 6-1 gets the better of pass a barri阿爱上海同城

er greatly, avoid eventually again round swim.

Regard Sinuoke as one of 3 contests, master game came 1979 hold in Wenbuli all the time during 2011, the Ding Junhui in those days is in this match military successes quite beautiful, hit into finals to win 上海千花社区

second place 2007, took champion 2011. Did not think of master game moves from 2012 after location undertakes to Alexander palace, although hold the ground,still be Wenbuli, but Ding Junhui lost the rhythm that beats a ball it seems that however, to 2018 from 2012 7 Great Masters surpass total, be washed out after winning 2017 only, the others all is in 6 times first-run a bureau.

The Great Master is surpassed this year, ding Junhui is first-run before experience ascends bound of one’s life experience is ranked first 16 obtain master game to take part in the match agile husband of the qualification this base, adversary surpasses dish bird as the Great Master apparent not quite get used to such contest atmosphere, although also have an opportunity for many times but did not capture, what Ding Junhui with one action obtains 5-0 is banner, hit single pole 66 minutes to mix 123 minutes, final after missing a game ball 6-1 is gotten the better of greatly.

Jackie (agile husband this base) the pressure in the match is greater than me, so he made a lot of mistakes, when you make this kind of contest for the first time, affirmative meeting thinks project oneself very much, the first bureau is very important really, the opportunity often has but you must want to hold, he is too nervous still nevertheless, can suffer penalty sometimes so. Ding Junhui serves as a n experienced person, understand agile husband very much this base state of mind.

To me character, no matter I am hit in the match how, my target is to should win a ball, I believe next a few sports season I am capable to scene is shown in this match.阿拉爱上海同城

This is a good beginning. Ding Junhui goes to be able to ‘t bear indeed in the record of Alexander palace, but this is opposite agile husband this base the match let him look for self-confidence it seems that.

To master game, ding Junhui also is cherish devoir, master game is the competition between hand of before the world is ranked 16 balls, adversary is very outstanding, do not have easy match here, even if your adversary play ground is bad, still also make do very hard, keeping dedicated in this kind of contest is the first element.

1/4 final, the lay mines that Ding Junhui’s adversary is Belgium cuts Er, hopeful is killed爱上海

further into 4 strong.

Original title: Be not easy! Does 8 masters game seize Ding Junhui eventually the 2nd get the better of爱上海同城论坛

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