Zhejiang Dong Yang explodes again ” blame suck ” controller of group of case tripartite confrontation is controlled

The Zhejiang that once had produced Wu Ying record is mid urban Dong Yang, erupt to collect money illegally together again kind of case. On April 28 afternoon, dong Yang police says in bulletin of official small gain, tripartite confrontation accuses a group Inc. (next weighing tripartite confrontation group) deposit money because of be suspected of absorbing the public illegally, relevant controller already was adopted by police coercive measures, relevant details of a case is in investigation.

In order to build the star business that the tripartite confrontation group of engineering trade name ever was Dong Yang place, an one domestic A ever still accused below the banner appear on the market share of firm tripartite balance of forces (600614.SH, now more the name is roc have science and technology) . According to the introduction of net of officer of tripartite confrontation group, the many domains such as estate of its business over or across, mining industry, medicine, hotel, building. Industrial and commercial data shows, its legal person is represented and accuse a partner to be Xu Baoxing.

Nevertheless, although dimensions of so-called capital fund achieves one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan, but according to money new reporter understands, tripartite confrontation group is in the mire that around began to be immersed in catenary of civilian leasehold capital to rupture 2015. The investor that has Dong Yang place ever expressed to money new reporter, the fund that its borrow tripartite confrontation the group is by 2015 the circumstance that occurrence exceed the time limit cannot remand, tripartite confrontation group is to their acceptance at that time by 2016 put in gold of repayment of capital ‘s charge.

And when by 2016, acceptance comes to nothing again, say in the announcement that group of the tripartite confrontation end December sends investor in in those days, the company suffers effect of economic big environment, current fund steam again is difficult, the plan of 50% investment fund realizes the cash before primary affirmatory the end of the year hard, via raising fund with all possible means, this second can cash 15上海同城对对碰交友社区

% , and inform investor to corresponding cash the dot registers 上海夜网论坛

cash. (detailed sees money new network reports before this ” tripartite confrontation accuses a group postpone again and again of cash of deep-set folk leasehold financing ” )

After this one announcement announces, partial investor goes into the street protest, public opinion attention is caused later. General manager of tripartite confrontation group commands bright respect (of Xu Baoxing child) ever was opposite when the accident ” negotiable securities times ” express, up to at that time have not the capital of cash does not exceed 2.5 billion yuan, and at 爱上海

present total assets exceeds tripartite confrontation group 10 billion yuan, indebted rate 46% the left and right sides. Personage of many Dong Yang place expresses, the civilian leasehold scale that tripartite confrontation group involves in place giant, range is very wide.

Appear on the market the public data of share of firm tripartite balance of forces shows, tripartite confrontation group is decreased considerably for many times since 2015 hold with put together cash, but all the time not its capital deficit on fill.

On March 10阿拉爱上海同城

, 2015, tripartite confrontation grou上海千花网龙凤论坛

p is decreased with a large amount of trading hold tripartite confrontation share 20 million, 15.69 yuan / , set show 314 million yuan; On June 29, 2015, tripartite confrontation group is decreased again hold 18 million, 25.55 yuan / , set show 460 million yuan.

In August 2016, tripartite上海贵族宝贝

confrontation group will appear on the market the equity agreement of 7.59% made over the company since natural person Zhang Peng. Latter reachs what send action person firstly to hold a scale to will rise to 15.18% , become the biggest partner. Tripartite confrontation group is covered through selling housing this sum to trade showed nearly 1.2 billion yuan, but at job of no help, cash crisis still is erupting again when annual bottom.

Tripartite confrontation group returns hold to appear on the market at present company the equity of 11.42% , current market prise is 2.4 billion yuan about, the majority that does not cross this equity already impawn. (reporter Zhu Liang sheaths or bow case)

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