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Among the process that fries a meal in the egg that make, having a lot of problems is to need to cause dispatch troops the egg of the attention of the door fries a meal, if cross dry meeting to bring about people appetite to drop, do not want to eat. Fry a meal in the egg that make so when, we should add certain moisture content, can make sure the egg fries a meal so even, and the taste that also can let them is more good, the appetite of promotional everybody. So, does the egg fry meal rice to work how should do?

The egg fries meal rice to work how to do

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The most nourishing is rice

The common rice that cook rice daily with rice weighs rice or rice of essence of life again, show translucent egg circle or elliptic, rate giving rice is high, grain of rice is expansile small, but stickiness is big. Regard daily edible as rice, c of the starch that rice contains human body to need, protein, adipose, vitamin B1, nicotinic acid, vitamin and the nutrition such as calcic, iron composition, can supply the nutrition that human body place needs, quantity of heat. Gu Moli says, boil congee with riceForum of Shanghai night net

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Delay with preserve one’s health year, there already was the history 2000 in China, rice congee most a congee is oily can fluid infusion writes essence of life, have profit greatly to the shade fluid of alimentary human body and kidney essence, optimum patient, puerpera and old person. Rice has the be good at taste, energy of life in filling, raise shade to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, except irritated stop bowel of thirsty, solid stops the action such as have diarrhoea, can use at taste frail, irritated thirsty, hidebound, ill rear body is weak wait for disease, but the diabetic should notice to should not be much feed.

The egg fries meal rice to work how to do

2, most eupeptic is unpolished rice

Alleged unpolished rice, it is the paddy rice that takes case namely in mill process purify is thick branny crust and withhold plumule and endodermis ” shallow glutinous millet ” . Content of the protein in unpolished rice, adipose, vitamin compares rice of essence of life much. The crude fibre element of rice bran layer conduces to gastric bowel peristalsis, effective to the enteron disease such as stomach trouble, constipation, haemorrhoid. Unpolished rice has nutrition more than rice of essence of life, can reduce cholesterol, reduce heart attack and apoplectic odds. Unpolished rice suits average crowd edible, but because unpolished rice mouthfeel is thicker, quality of a material is close together, boil rise to also compare take time, before Gu Moli suggests to boil can it pan hind uses pass the night of cold leach bubble, immerse repeatedly next water throws pressure cooker together, boil half hours of above.

The egg fries meal rice to work how to do

3, most of filling kidney is blackNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Black rice nutrition is rich, contain the material such as vitamin of protein, adipose, B a group of things with common features, calcic, phosphor, iron, zinc, nutrient value prep above is common paddy rice. It can raise the content of human body hematin and haemoglobin apparently, be helpful for the health care of cardiovascular system, be helpful for the development of children skeleton and cerebra, the rehabilitation of the person that can advance theory of puerpera, ill rear body, so it is a kind of good nutrition health food.

Gu Moli points out, black rice has filling kidney of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, beneficial to enrage powerful body, be good at lienal appetizing, filling liver the effect of the bright eye, astringent or styptic treatment for spontaneous sweating that raise spirit, it is to fight decline the hairdressing, nourishing beautiful that prevents ill powerful body is tasted. Often edible black rice, have better nourishing effect to chronic patient, rehabilitation period patient and cheeper. Because black rice is boiled not easily,rot, answer to immerse to be boiled again overnight first. Because this kidney empty should feed black rice more.

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Poisonous is polished glutinous rice

Polished glutinous rice calls polished glutinous rice again, because its are sweet glutinous is sticky slip, often be made by in order to flavour of become a common practice is fastfood, love by everybody. Protein is contained in polished glutinous riceShanghai noble baby

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The battalion nurturance such as qualitative, adipose, saccharide, calcic, phosphor, iron, vitamin B2, larger starch is divided. Because this adolescence should feed glutinous rice more.

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