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Article introduction

Congee of violet potato of ormosia the seed of Job’s tears is a kind of congee that a lot of people like to drink is tasted, but after major person does not know how to made us nod this congee to taste inside dining-room the composition inside OK and attentive observation, we can discover this congee is tasted not only delicious, and the energy that can satisfy our life place to need. Actually we also can learn congee to taste make, finish in the home. So, what does effect of congee of violet potato of ormosia the seed of Job’s tears have?

Effect of congee of violet potato of ormosia the seed of Job's tears

One, practice

1.Ormosia Yi benevolence abluent immerse 4 hours above, bubble Yue Jiuyue is easy ripe, violet potato cuts small to reserve.

2.Ormosia Yi benevolence next boiler join Wen Shui, after opening conflagration to be boiled, small fire boils a hour or so in.

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The violet potato that has cut is joined when 45 minutes, continue to boil make, wait for potato of ormosia Yi Ren Zi to join milk and rock candy into weak sodden condition, involve fire, quiet place can give boiler 2 minutes.

Effect of congee of violet potato of ormosia the seed of Job's tears

2, effect

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, ormosia sex is smooth, flavour pleasant is acerbity, avirulent, have nourishing and strong, be good at lienal raise dehumidify of water of stomach, benefit, clear hot detoxify, galactic with the effect that enrich the blood, suit the dietotherapy of all sorts of oedema patients particularly. With respect to the effect of ormosiaForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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, the nourishing beautiful during it or female physiology is tasted.

Effect of congee of violet potato of ormosia the seed of Job's tears

Ormosia contains a lot ofiron to pledge, have the effect that enrich the blood, it is the nourishing beautiful during female physiology is tasted. Absorb ormosia more, still have enrich the blood, stimulative blood circulation, strongA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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. According to Japanese tradition, in daughter menstruation the first time come when tide, the mother can cook meal of ormosia of on one boiler, besides beatific girl blossoms besides feminine meaning, also additional period nutrition, precaution lacks the substantial result of iron sex anaemia. Although ormosia can enrich the blood, but the reason that should notice to cause anemia is very much, ifFall in love with the sea to be the same asShanghai noble baby

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Be lacked because of vitamin B12 and bring about, criterion the help of edible ormosia is very limited.

A lot of young mother often are postpartum and galactic inadequacy or do not issue a grandma at all and anxious extremely. In motherland tradition dietetic in, have many proved recipe that urge breast, folk prescription. The galactic inadequacy that if enrage blood,inadequacy causes can take the tonic of and so on of pig hoof soup. And painful to enraging the breast that sluggish of hematic stop up causes to bilge, galactic the patient that does not fall, still need ormosia to help. Ormosia has disappear to bilge full, know galactic effect, everyday morning and evening uses red bean each 120 grams boil congee, eat repeatedly 3, 5 days can.

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