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Tea of Gorgon fruit of red the seed of Job’s tears has the effect with very good wet dispel, in summer tea of Gorgon fruit of red the seed of Job’s tears is drunk when weather is sultrier, can produce the effect of health care of preserve one’s health, also have in the market now special tea of health care of this kind of preserve one’s health. Reducing cholesterol, reduce blood pressure respect to have certain effect, it is certain to still have additionally enhance immune force and the action that defend cancer to fight cancer, certain to having for the lady platoon poison is raised colour the effect.

How is tea of Gorgon fruit of red the seed of Job's tears done

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How is tea of Gorgon fruit of red the seed of Job’s tears done

1, tea of Gorgon fruit of red the seed of Job’s tears by 7 flavour natural feed capable person, recipe according to prescription of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine ” Jun Chenzun makes ” rigor is allocated and become, already dispel Shi Youjian is lienal.

2, gentleman – (Gorgon fruit) – fill lienal dispel essence of solid of kidney of wet, beneficial, improve the health, dehumidify stops belt.

Gorgon fruit makes Gorgon fruit again, contain rich protein, calcium to wait mineralForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Qualitative microelement, riboflavin and ascorbic acid, gorgon fruit has energy of life of the beneficial in filling, essence of beneficial kidney solid, dehumidify stops belt, appetizing stop to wait for action yearningly, it is to digest the optimal food that draws bad person.

3, (red the seed of Job’s tears) – be good at lienal dry is wet detumescence of wet, dispel, clear the pus that heat up a platoon, hairdressing is raised colour.

Protein content is 3 times of rice in red the seed of Job’s tears, contain a variety of carbohydrate, adipose, prandial fiber, vitamins to reach mineral, contain a lot ofa variety of amino acid such as acid of ammonia of acid of bright ammonia acid, ammonia of essence of life, lysine, cheese, have moist skin, be good at lienal benefit water, benefit is wet divide pain or numbness caused by cold, clear heat discharges pus, the effect such as clear advantage damp and hot.

How is tea of Gorgon fruit of red the seed of Job's tears done

4, assist (Huai Juhua, medlar, FuA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Ling) – clear heat, alexipharmic, dispel the wind, clear liver, bright eye.

5, Huai Juhua contains chrysanthemum glucoside, gland purine, choline, water Su Jian, material of appearance of minim vitamin A, vitamin B, amino acid and locust element, huai Juhua has effect of disease-resistant former put oneself in another’s position, enhance blood capillary strength, to golden Pu bacteriumShanghai night net

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, coliform organisms have stronger inhibition, the action to cardiovascular system particularly remarkable. Modern medicine considers to confirm, huai Juhua is had fall the blood pressure, effect that removes cancer cell, outspread coronary artery and curb bacterium, long-term and drinkable can increase human body calcium qualitative, adjust cardiac muscle function, reduce cholesterol, scanty wind comes loose hot, clear liver bright eye, the effect such as detoxify.

6, medlar contains rich amino acid, vitamin to wait, medlar has the effect that reduces fat of blood pressure, blood and blood sugar, can prevent sclerosis of arterial congee appearance, protection is hepatic, restrain fatty liver, stimulative liver rejuvenesce, enhance immune power, fight the cancer, effect that combats consenescence and action.

7, tuckahoe contains β – tuckahoe gets together E of acid of tuckahoe of candy, acetyl, tuckahoe acid, rich calcium, Selenium and lecithin, vitamin reach acid of ammonia of ergot sterol, choline, group to reach sylvite to wait, tuckahoe has benefit waterlogging wet, be good at lienal in filling, ning Xinan’s magical effect and action.

8, make – (Cape jasmine, licorice) – have diarrhoea fire divides bravery of the damp and hot of irritated, clear advantage, benefit that protect liver, cool blood hemostatic.

9 gardenia are traditional Chinese traditional medicine, the L that belongs to Ministry of Public Health to promulgate approves medicine to feed amphibious resource, cape jasmine contains saffron element glucoside radical, cape jasmine is had protect fire of bravery of liver, benefit, step-down, composed, hemostatic, detumescence, have diarrhoea to divide irritated, clear hot advantage is wet, the effect of cool blood detoxify and action. In the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine clinical and commonly used at treating icteric model hepatitis,

How is tea of Gorgon fruit of red the seed of Job's tears done

10, there is licorice acid to wait in licorice bases, licorice acid is very precious natural antidote, consenescence of usable Yu Kang, enhance immune power, maintain water salt to metabolize to wait evenly, licorice is had fill lienal beneficial gas, clear hot detoxify, make expectoration easy relieves a cough, emergency acetanilide, attuneShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The function with all medicine.

Get used to a symptom

1, the hair loves to give oily, facial oil, sleep water leaving an opening, halitosis, body is discrepant, all-overish, often feel tired, energy is not centered.

2, complexion is cadaverous, originally ruddy cheek disappeared, function ebbs, not tall to sex disinclination quality.

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3, sleep snore, phlegmy much, cough, defecate is rare sticky fishy, ropy (develop) not easily, feel tired, be disinclined even conversation to say, do not have interest.

4, pouch is flagging, fat, after reducing weight, rebound, pudenda is damp (Sao urticant peculiar smell) fungus is corrupt.

5, little stomach is big (often have bilge gas) , body dropsy, inside ear wet (ear buddhist is wet) hair is coarse, easy fall off.

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