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Bring, taste smell is very sweet, be in especially summer when, weather is very torrid, eat muskmelon at that time special tastily, and still have the effect such as disappear heat satisfy one’s thirst, this kind of melon is contained a lot ofnot onlyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Moisture, still have rich carbohydrate, vitamin and mineral element additionally, so often eat muskmelon to you can bring about get fat?

Does muskmelon eat much is the meeting fat?

Does muskmelon eat much is the meeting fat?

Right amount eating is won’t of get fat.

Cantaloup quantity of heat is lower, 26 kilocalorie / 100 grams, belong to low caloric food. Nevertheless, somebody thinks content of cantaloup candy cent is exorbitant, cantaloup eats much meeting get fat. But candy component is contained in daily diet, and candy cent can be decomposed normally monose, namely young member candy, use up in order to offer human body, only candy cent has absorbed a long time to just can be changed into adipose accumulation to be below human body skin, sugar is contained admittedly in cantaloup the volume is higher, but as long as right amount absorb, the quantity of heat that absorbs is inside certain limits or energy uses up those who be more than place to absorb, won’t get fat. Besides, the quantity containing sugar of cantaloup also does not calculate particularly tall, the quantity containing sugar of general breed is in 11% the left and right sides, and the volume that contain sugar is higher can be 16% above.

Does muskmelon eat much is the meeting fat?

Cantaloup eats one day how many appropriate

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Enter a quantity to should be 200~350 gram. the cantaloup that eats everyday capacity control is inside this limits, as to number should look according to cantaloup size weight.

Be very popular melon can reduce weight actually

Cantaloup contains a variety of good to human body material such as vitamin A, protein, reasonable edible returns the nutrition that can compensatory human body needs during reduce weight, conduce to reduce weight. Additional, cantaloup still contains rich nutrition and prandial fiber. Prandial fiber can quicken alvine path peristalsis, help alimental is digested with absorb, promote defecate thereby, the toxin eduction inside body, achieve the result that reduce weight thereby, all sorts of vitamins that at the same time it contains a lot ofalso can complement the nutrition that human body place needs.

Does muskmelon eat much is the meeting fat?

Cantaloup eats much still meeting how

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Melon eats much likelihood get fat, besides this, does cantaloup eat much how be still met?

1, cantaloup sex is cold, eat much meeting stomach is cold, can cause the symptom such as bellyacke, diarrhoea. Although cantaloup is delicious, but also must control good amount, itself should notice more with respect to the person with lienal empty cold stomach. Same, cantaloup also cannot eat every day. Intestines and stomach is unwell or the person with cold stomach has a can aggravating patient’s condition every day, do not have advantage to the body. And, even if is healthy person also cannot eat every day, because cantaloup moisture is sufficient, eat the chroma of too much can attenuant gastric juice, injury stomach causes indigestion or bellyacke diarrhoea.

2, the battalion that the person absorbs everyday1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Raise what must balance diversity. Although cantaloup nutrition is rich, the energy that contains human body place to need and a variety of vitamins, but eat too much affect what other nurture pledges to absorb instead, cause the unbalance of human body nutrition.

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