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Be in northern region at ordinary times everybody likes to eat a few mahjong particularly kind, these can treat as already dip in well makings, can regard as again sauce makings, on mouthfeel special good, the person that loves to eat sesame paste likes to hit mahjong, put between various food to be used for instance mix cool skin, do cold dish, still can mix bean curd, the mouthfeel of sesame paste is not Chang Xiangnong, have the feeling of glutinous of a kind of glutinous, rich contain rich protein amino acid, among them also a variety of vitamins are reached mineral.

 How makings of tone sesame paste is delicious

Sesame paste moves law attention

1, with clear water clear water is moved, water should be in the process of tone bit by bit add, just moved a few times the meeting is very stiff, it is good to add water to continue to move again, toneShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Rare hind add salt, vinegar, shift, water wants the soy in the process in tone (had better be unripe smoke) , balm, smooth can.

2, two two spoon sesame paste, fermented bean curd () , leek of one spoon white sugar, one spoon is beautiful () , chili of essence of one spoon chicken, one spoon is papered or a few of oil of chili oil, pepper, Chinese prickly ash, cooking wine, fry ripe sesame seed.

Value of sesame paste nutrition

1, sesame paste contains a lot ofprotein, amino acid to reach a variety of vitamins and mineral, have very tall sanitarian value;

 How makings of tone sesame paste is delicious

2, calcic quantity is contained to be gotten higher than vegetable and legume in sesame paste much, be next to dried small shrimps, Shanghai noble baby

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Often edible is right boneShanghai Long Feng forum

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The development of bone, tooth is in benignantly greatly (do not feed in all with the vegetable such as spinach, happen with the oxalic acid in vegetable or solubility oxalate otherwise answer decompose reaction to generate precipitation of oxalic acid calcium to affect calcium absorb) ;

3, sesame paste contains iron to compare pork liver, egg Huang Dou tower above is multiple, often edible has positive effect to adjusting anorexia of partiality for a particular kind of food not only, still can be corrected and prevent anaemia of the sex that be short of ironNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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4, sesame paste contains rich lecithin, can prevent a hair to bleach prematurely or fall off;

5, sesame seed contains a large number of oil, have very good embellish bowel aperient action;

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6, often eat sesame paste to be able to add skin flexibility, make skin tender and healthy.

7, ZhiSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Sesame paste also is rinse pork chaffy dish in touch one of makings, good sesame paste can have the effect of render palatable, this is the advantage of chaffy dish sesame paste.

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