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Celery is a kind of very common vegetable in our life, and the vitamin C content that contains inside celery is exceedingly high not only such, there still are a few carotenes inside it, these carotene can be changed into the vitamin A that needs inside our body, so a lot of people like to eat celery particularly, the appearance with the long celery that actually we see is similar, but they also have classification, so which a few kinds is celery cent?

Celery has a few kinds

Leaf of celery of 1. smoked bean curd

Feed capable person: Celery leaf, smoked bean curd.


Yellow leaf of 1. celery Xiequ, earn wash clean, smoked bean curd cuts Xiaoding to reserve.

2. heats boiler boiled water, the fish out after putting celery leaf into scald water crosses cold water quickly, after pigheaded dry moisture, cut end.

Oil falls in 3. boiler, next smoked bean curd break up fry, put mix colors of a few soy.

After 4. waits for smoked bean curd to had been fried, put celery end to turn over divide evenly, add salt, gallinaceous essence flavors, drench a few sesame oil has pot.

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Foliaceous egg cake

Feed capable person: Egg, celery, flour, white sugar, salt.


1. celery Xie Zhai is very abluent and mincing.

2. is put into big bowl to join flour, put egg, white sugar, tone is become mushy.

3. pan burns heat, put a few oil.

4. puts panada, gather up smooth decoct comes small yellow, opposite decoct comes small yellow.

5. is put in the incision on chopping block to install dish can.

Celery has a few kinds

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Soup of 3. celery leaf

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Feed capable person: Egg, celery leaf, water a bowl, salt, gallinaceous essence, balm, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Salt is put after water is burned (such leaf will be greener Shang Ye won’t be nigrescent) , celery leaf is put after rolling, edge of agitate of edge of the egg after leaving drenchs inside boiler.

4. celery leaf scrambles egg

Feed capable person: Celery leaf, egg, ham, medlar, oily, salt.


1. celery Xie Xi cuts end completely, egg break up, ham cuts man, medlar is abluent and stand-by.

2. heats up boiler cool oil, in adding all raw material salt to put bowl, break up fry ripe can.

Celery has a few kinds

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Cake of egg of face of celery leaf corn

Feed capable person: Flour (5 big ladle) , corn face (3 big ladle) , celery leaf (80 grams) , egg (2) .


1, celery leaf is abluent, put the scald in boiling water.

2, egg two break up, add right amount clear water.

3, egg fluid has a hand to smoke mix divide evenly joins corn face and flour to mix divide evenly, face of corn of about 3 big ladle increases the proportion of flour and corn face flour of 5 ladle wheat.

4, the celery leaf of scald water and green are mincing.

5, egg fluid adds corn face and flour to mix to be become equably mushy.

6, join pink of candy of celery Xie Hecong, salt, a few, Chinese prickly ash to mix divide evenly.

7, the panada that has mixed.

8, a few peanut oil is added to join panada inside boiler.

9, panada puts simmer in water of the lay open inside boiler ripe, one side decoct is ripe turn over decoct other one side can.

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